Monday, April 23, 2007

Westvleteren abt 12 Clone Recipe

Here is a recipe for probably the best beer I have brewed to date. It is a Westveleteren abt 12 clone recipe that turned out awesome. To bad I don't have any more left. I think I am going to brew this one annually. A few months back I had the pleasure to do an on-line beer swap with a bunch of really great guys from the Burgundian Babble Belt website. We all sent each other one of our big belgian beers that we had brewed and we tasted them in 2 seperate sessions and critiqued each others brew. One of the guys that I got some feedback on my beer was none other than Stan Hieronymus, Author of "Brew Like A Monk".
I thought it was great to be able to hear what Stan thought of my beer when his book is what inspired it to be brewed in the first place. This beer went over really well with everyone. I recieved some of the best homebrews I've ever tasted from some of these guys. One of them that I recieved was a Gold Medal winner at some big competition in Colorado I believe. If you are looking for a good recipe for Westy 12 clone, try this one and let me know what you think.


17.5 lb Dingemans Belgian Pilsner
1 lb Caramunich (belg)
.44 lb Biscuit
.31 lb Aromatic
.25 lb Special B
.19 lb Chocolate

Candi Sugar:
1 bottle of the Dark Candi Syrup(this is key, use the syrup)
.25 Amber Rock Candi

1.25 oz. Styrian Golding (60 min)
.25 oz. Styrian Goldings (15 min)
.25 oz. Haullertauer (15 min)
.25 oz. Styrian Goldings (1 min)
.25 oz. Haullertauer (1 min)

Yeast: WLP 530

Single infusion mash at 149 for 90 min. Mash out at 170 for 10-15 min. Sparge at 170. Boil for 60 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Well, this is a very belated response, but I am going to attempt to brew this recipe soon. I have a quick question, however. For times sake, and because I am not an expert brewer, I would like to replace the 17.5 lb Dingemans Belgian Pilsner with an extract. Is there something you can recommend and point to it online for me to order?

Thank you for posting this!!! I have 6 bottles of Westveleteren 12 right now on hand...I need a clone when they run out! :)


Anonymous said...

Substitute for 12 pounds extract liquid of dry Pilsen light or golden! If you want to be exact 13 pounds. It is a very expensive way of doing it but it will be less work and quicker... but will also give you a more malty taste in the beer!
Brew Master Vince

Anonymous said...

Hey I just got the ingredients for the brew but i got dark candi rocks. Can I uses these?

Beer Bear said...

It appears that the ingrdients for this Westvleteren abt 12 Clone Recipe is for a 10 Gallon batch; could you confirm that please?


Beer Bear

Anonymous said...

If you can let us know what yeast you used, that would be nice! tanks for sharing the recipe, I want to try something similar soon...

Waughzzup said...

Yeast is WLP 530

Anonymous said...

Fatbaby Jesus

I wish someone would let me know how this recipe taste?

Anonymous said...

Tapping this on Feb 1 2011. Will be 4 months aged. Can't wait... Will post results of the tasting here.

Unknown said...

Well... I tapped it and it was one of the very best recipes I have ever brewed. Had to beat family and friends off of my tap. Unbelievably awesome smooth Belgian strong dark abbey ale.

Anonymous said...

I'm about to try to brew this one and have a few questions.
Amber Rock Candi: what unit, lbs or liters?
Do you have any of these numbers:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

With 13 lbs Pilsner Liquid Extract, the OG is 1.098 FG is 1.024. ABV 9.69. IBU.19.16. SRM 16.4. Batch is 5 gallon. Boil Size 5.57 gallon. This was entered in iBrewMaster.

I don't have fermentation info and schedule. Anybody?