Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What's Shakin Homebrewers?

Hey there all, sorry for the delay in updating my blog, I've been extremely busy being it is summer and there are always weddings and trips and beer festivals and what not. Well, I went to the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival in Ypsilanti July 27th and 28th. Holy shit, was that a fun time. I drank more sour beer than I ever thought possible, and many other styles, many worthy of swapping your first born for a barrel. I will be making the trip annually from now on. I got to meet a lot of you beer lovers that I usually only communicate with through e-mail and that was probably the best part for me. It's amazing how you can meet someone face to face and feel like you have known them forever--as was the case with many of you I met at the festival. I haven't been brewing for the past few months because I have been mega-busy with weddings and such but rest assured friends, I have a mental list of recipes that I want to brew that would make Ol' Gambrinus want to do the knuckle shuffle. I think I will be doing another Belgian Strong Golden with a few spices, a Roggenbier, West Coast Red Ale (back by popular demand), Brown Ale with a Chai addition based on one of Randy Mosier's recipe from "Radical Brewing", and another Brettanomyces Claussenni brew because the first one rocked my socks off. Hope everyone who reads this is finding success in their efforts. Brew on!