Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deal of the Day has an awesome new feature called "Deal of the Day". For anyone who is trying to acquire pieces of equipment for their setup, I highly recommend checking on a daily basis and see what they have for their deal of the day. I just realized they have been doing this and it looks like I've already missed out on a bunch of deals that I definitely would have purchased. They had these sweet stainless steel quick disconnects that go for $24.99 for sale for like $4.99. All their deals are super-bargains. You can only buy one of each deal and they post their new ones every night at midnight (in CA) which is 3:00 AM here. So if you are a night owl like me, make sure you stop by their and check it out. I'm about to right now being it is 2:58 in the AM.

Finally, I bought a tap handle for my kegerator

Well, it's about time that I actually bought a tap handle for my kegerator. I've had it for almost a year and it has yet to see and handle. Not a bad deal on this one. $.99 on eBay. Hell, I'm going to start a collection if I can get sweet tap handles like this Affligem one for less than a buck. No, I didnt just buy it because it looks cool--I actually really like Affligem beers. Who wouldn't?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Day, Another Sandwich

So I know this is a beer blog but I really love food too. And what goes great with a tasty sandwich and pickled egg? Yup, Beer. So beer is tied in. Today I had a PLT Sandwich and a hard boiled egg pickled in a brine that lends a nice tumeric and clove flavor. It isn't a typo, It's a PLT sandwich. Pancheta, Lettuce, and Tomato on homemade bread that is made with roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, and European Basil. I paired this with my dark saison (or Ryeson since it has a few lbs. of rye in it).

Thursday, August 7, 2008

These are some wild hops that are growing in Marquette. I am going to do a small test batch and use these for my flavor and aroma hops and see what kind of results I get from them. If all goes well there are plenty more where these came from. I also think I am going to cut myself some rhizomes and pland these mothas all over Marquette, Ha, you think I'm kidding.

Good Bye Brett Favre

I know this is a beer blog but I need to recognize how very sad I am that I am no longer going to be able to watch this guy play football for the green & gold. So I guess you can add "First Quarterback to be featured on a beer blog" to his list of accolades. I wish Favre luck in NY and I hope he kicks our ass when we play them so the Packer organization can see what a dumb thing they did.

You better believe I'm having a homebrew while I write this.

Still a fan,

Brian Richards

Friday, August 1, 2008

Salmon & Green Beans with Sad Girl Saison

I was looking at a Sandra Lee recipe for beer and salmon and I just so happened to have a salmon fillet that I was needed to cook up today and I also have a Saison on tap so I figured I'd do my own variation of her recipe.

1 Salmon Fillet
2 tsp garlic salt
2 tablespoons organic cane sugar (called for brown sugar)
4 tablespoons butter
a few turns of pepper on the good ol' pepper mill
Just enough onion to lay over the top (red, white, or shallots would be great I'm sure)
Beer of your choice. I used a Belgian Saison that I brewed and I poured about 8 -12 oz of it in the tinfoil tray that I fashioned up. Pour just enough so you submerge the salmon only a little bit. I didn't fully cover the fish.
I baked this at about 350F for about 12 minutes or just until it starts to flake.

I paired this with the Saison that I used in the recipe and a side of green beans and it tasted great. It was actually the best piece of salmon I've had in years.