Monday, July 27, 2009

MBG Festival & UPtoberfest

The Michigan Brewers Guild is going to be hosting a festival Sept. 12 in Marquette! They need people to help out and pour beer for this event so if anyone is interested in pouring beer samples for a few hours let me know by emailing me your name and phone # and I will add you to a list that I am going to pass on to a friend at New Holland Brewery who will let you know when and where you can help out.

This should be a fun event and a great chance for us Yoopers to get our hands on many of the great offerings that are to be had right here in Michigan.

Also, October 10th in Escanaba, there will be another festival that has been growing in interest over the past few years. This will by-far be the best year yet for UPtoberfest. Head to the website and get your tickets now.

Sept. & Oct. are going to be a lot of long as you attend these two beer festivals.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Christmas Beer in Bottles...Fa la la la la

I just bottled my Christmas Beer that I'm going to be handing out to some friends and family this Christmas season. It's basically the grain bill of a schwarzbier fermented with the Duvel strain of yeast and I blended in a tea I made with some mulling spices at bottling to give it a little bit of holiday kick. It tastes pretty good right now, hopefully it gets better with a little bit of age on it before the Holidays.

Other beers I have going right now:
Barley Wine (dry hopped with amarillo)

Back to Brewing & Blogging!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Got my computer back!!! Mancave Pics.

Alright, first off, sorry for not posting for a while. We are still getting situated in the new house and I've been without my computer until today. It took forever for this place to get it fixed for me. Anyway, I'm sitting down in the Man-cave now with 20 gallons of beer fermenting. It's like a symphony of airlocks and blow-off tubes down here. The thing I'm most excited about is the space I have to brew in now (new garage). Now that I am home by myself during the dayss I can get out of the kitchen use some of my bigger pots. 10 gallon batches from here on out. I just did a Schwarzbier (my first lager), a Belgian stout, & a barley wine that turned out more of an imperial IPA. My efficiency was way low so It came out at 1.085--was shooting for 1.100+. I solved the problem with my low efficiency now so I can quit wasting all that extra base malt now. Here are some pics of my littler corner of the basement...AKA Man-Cave. Sorry so messy.