Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cool Looking Pellicle

A few weeks ago I made a yeast starter from some oak cubes that I received from a fellow homebrewer. They were innoculated with a buffet of bugs from different lambics and such. I poured all of the liquid from the starter into my lambic and then poured the chips into a fresh erlinmyer with some fresh wort to make another starter and I am getting this really cool pellicle growth going on. It is like powdery little snowbanks scattered about on the surface of the wort. Pretty cool, at least if you are geeky like I am.

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That's awesome Brian. I'll be brewing my very first Flanders Red using Roeselare yeast blend in a couple of weeks. I'd love to try a beer with inoculated oak chips. Keep us in the loop regarding your final product! Thanks for all your hard work!