Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beer: An Insider's Guide - Appreciating Beer

There are around 50 styles of beer that can be broadly categorised into distinct groups. We begin the series by explaining what makes each beer style unique and what distinguishes ales from lagers; the two major beer ‘families’. As the world of beer flavours grows every year, new respect for its gastronomic worth is pushing beer back onto the dinner table. We already drink five times more beer than wine but now public attitudes are changing about when and how we drink it. Hosting hundreds of “Beer Appreciation Dinners” around the world, Brewmaster Bill Taylor – responsible for the taste of two million bottles of beer brewed daily at Lion Nathan Breweries – is one of the key players involved in raising public awareness about the new age of beer. We drop in on one of Bill’s dinners to see what foods complement what beers, we learn how to pour a beer correctly and we discover the truth about much-debated points like whether beer is best from a bottle or can.