Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 18th...has been proposed to be known as International Brewers Day--
a worldwide effort to create a holiday celebrating the contributions to society of the men and women who brew beer. The holiday is set to take place on July 18. On that day, there are several ways that you can participate. But to learn the idea behind this new holiday, why July 18 was chosen, along with the plan to observe it, tips on how to spread the word and even a number of banners, badges and buttons to use in promoting it on the web and/or for your brewer’s post, use the menu either at the left or above here on the buttons directly below the header.

I hope you’ll be convinced to join us in honoring brewers, the men and women who make the beer you love, with a holiday of their own, this and hopefully every July 18th.

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