Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer of Saisons

I just got done brewing my third Saison for the summer. I'm going to keep it up until the temp starts dropping--or else until my 4 strain saison yeast blend mutates into a monster and eats me. I just brewed a darker than usual saison just to try something different. It came out more of a brown, similar to Jolly Pumpkin's Bam Noire. I'll post the recipe if I feel it is worthy of replicating. I haven't even sampled it yet. I let it start fermenting for a few days and then I through the brew belt on it. A brew belt is just a rubber coated belt that you can plug in and the current warms up the belt thus warming up your fermentation. I can get my wort up to about 85-90F if the ambient temps are around 70F or so. I Just kegged up my second saison and it turned out great. I used the recipe out of Jamil Zanisheff/John Palmer's book -- "Brewing Classic Styles". The only thing I changed was my Saison blend instead of the WLP565 which is probably the most "pain in the ass" strain of yeast to work with ever. I'll post later about how this dark saison turned out.
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