Monday, April 14, 2008

Alright, I'm just posting this here basically for my self to use as a reference. I've been looking for a clone recipe for Wostynje for a while now and just came across this which is about as close as I think I'm going to get. If you've never had this beer try it. It is very interesting. I used to be able to get it all the time but it has disappeared from the shelves in my LHBS. Oh well, i'll just have to brew it myself.

Kent Goldigs hops is added at the beginning of the boil while Challenger hops, dark candy sugar and the crushed mustard seeds are added after about 50min. into the boil. The addition of light candy sugar and fresh top-fermenting yeast to the bottle starts the secondary fermentation in the bottle. After three more weeks Wostyntje is ready to become part of your dinner.

Wostyntje has a unique bitterish finish, which stems from the use of "Torhout's" mustard seeds.

Product Details:
Type: Mustard Ale
Alc./Vol.: 5.0%
Malts: 90 % pilsner malt, 10 % munich malt
Hops: Kent Goldings & Challenger
Spices: Dark & light candi sugar, crushed mustard seeds "Torhout Mustaard"