Monday, April 14, 2008

Bottled 5/Brewed 10

I Finally got to brewing the recipe that I posted about last week. I got up at 5:30 AM Sunday morning and bottled a Belgian Dark Strong Ale (I had to because I ran out of carboys, it was ready anyway). Then I brewed the DeStruise/Paxton Archaic Collaboration Ale. I also doughed in with a Saison at the same time. I staggered my Mashes just a little bit so I could deal with one at a time. It all went pretty smooth for pulling double duty. I've down plenty of 10 gallon days in the past, just not seperate mashes and at the same time. I might do that more often actually. If running partigyles off of those you could end up with 20 gallons of beer in about 7-9 hours of work...not bad. The krausen on the DeStruise/Paxton beer looks amazing. There was a deep brown layer on top and it is now giving way to this white creamy marshmallow like krausen that is working it's way through from underneath. It looks like a huge Mt. Kilimanjaro Chocolate Fudge cookie from Sweet Basil in Marquette, MI. Stop in and get one if you are ever in town.