Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Getting Hops Going Inside

Hey All, I just got my rhizomes in the mail today along with my "The Homebrewer's Garden" book. I am going to start my rhizomes inside and get them going so they get a nice early start on the season. This will be my first attempt at growing hops so I am not expecting to get a big yield this year. I am only starting two bines this year. I figure I can start small and use this year as a chance to get the feel for growing these and next year I will try and do like six bines or so. I am going to start these in pots and use dowel rods so I can run a string from the top of the rod down to the soil so the hops have something to wind around. I'll update later with some pictures.


Rob Gorczyca said...

Hello - I saw you were following our Twitter, checked out your blog, and wow, another homebrewer in Michigan!

Drop me an email sometime, we have a feature on our blog we do, called a Featured Homebrewer. we'd like to get you on there if you'd like.