Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whats Coming Up

Well this Memorial Day weekend I'll be heading down to Munster, IN to Three Floyds Brewery to take the brewery tour and to imbibe in everything, and I really mean everything that they are serving up down there. I will also be heading across the border into Flossmoor, IL where I will be visiting Flossmoor Station Brewery. I will be spending the day with Head Brewer Matt Van Wyk while we brew a scaled up version of my Biere Bella recipe, a Belgian Golden Strong Ale inspired by the infamous Duvel which I'm sure if you are into Belgian Beer you know all about. I'll post pics and whatever video I can once I am home and I'll let you know how it went. Should be a fun weekend. If you know of any other breweries or good beer bars in that area, drop me a line because I will be on the prowl for good beer Saturday night while I'm down there.




MICHmash said...

I forgot about Flossmore. Its been a good 5 years since I've been there. Time permitting, you could take the METRA into the city and then the "L" to the original Goose Island. I need to get to Chicago soon...

Brichards700 said...

I was actually thinking about driving there earlier in the day because I want to go to Sams liquor right across the street from Goose Island. I was there two years ago and they had the Bourbon Barrel Stout on tap and it was pretty amazing.