Thursday, June 5, 2008

Funky Little Brotha

I just kegged up my beer that I'm calling "Funky Little Brotha" and it is on tap in my living room. Life is good. FUNKY-because it went through a primary fermentation of all Brett Claussenii and then I pitched a starter of Al's Bugfarm at 1.020. Al's Bugfarm consists of the following.

Al's Bugfarm
Inoculated Oak Cubes (batch # 01)
brettanomyces lambicus (Wyeast)
brettanomyces lambicus (White Labs)
brettanomyces bruxellensis (White Labs)
brettanomyces claussenii (White Labs)
brettanomyces sp. (Fantome)
brettanomyces sp. (Jolly Pumpkin)
brettanomyces sp. (Russian River Wood Chips)
lactobacillus sp. (Russian River Wood Chips)
pediococcus sp. (White Labs)
oenococcus oennii (Wyeast)
saccharomyces fermentati (Sherry yeast)
kombucha yeast (oxidative yeast)

LITTLE BROTHA-because it is a partigyle brew off of a Belgian Dark Strong Ale that I did. Funky Little Brotha seemed like the perfect name to refer to this brew as. It is very easy drinking because its original gravity was only 1.042 but it did finish at 1.001. It doesn't have that acetic acid twang to it like a Flanders Red does; it is more of a lactic sourness. It reminds of me a Berliner Weisse more than anything. I think I am going to try and bottle some of this from my keg and see what the judges think of this one...just for fun.


mrb said...

This sounds great! Would love to trade for some if the opportunity arises.

Brichards700 said...

I'm always open to trades.