Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sour Beer & Salad

Today for lunch I made myself a salad of Spinach, Fresh Mozzarella, Peaches, Prosciutto, Mint, and EVOO. I paired this with a light sour beer that I made--"Funky Little Brother" from a previous post. The salad is simple: A handful of spinach, 1 peach peeled and tore up (peeling is optional), 1 piece of prosciutto, tear up enough mint just to give it that refreshing flavor, drizzle EVOO to taste. A light addition of pepper would be nice but I didn't use any. Watercrest would be a great substitute for the spinach and in which case pepper would probably not be needed. This paired really well with my "Funky Little Brother" which is very comparable to a Berliner Weiss. This would be awesome with a Saison. This salad is refreshing in the same manner a Saison is. Perfect lunch for the warm summer weather. Give it a try and report back.
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