Friday, September 26, 2008

Sometimes My Job Can Suck

Here's the scoop. We have a new show at the station that I work at and it requires a person to sit at the news desk and run the prompter for the first part of the show because the Anchor who normally runs their own prompter is standing in front of a television screen away from the desk. When you run the teleprompter you have to look right into one of our cameras and read the prompter off of the screen. Well, I was running the prompter and looking into the camera and low and behold the director punched me up in the big TV behind the Anchor while he was talking about a murder suspect. Lucky me. Right before she put me in the monitor whe said "wouldn't it be funny if I accidentally punched up Brian in the monitor" and oi la, there I was.

I would just like to state one last time, I AM NOT A MURDERER

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