Friday, September 26, 2008

No Cider Mills in the U.P.

Are there really NO Cider mills in the Upper Peninsula? WTF Man! If there is and I'm just overlooking it, please let me know. Hell, we should buy some land and order some trees from a nursery somewhere. Downstate is saturated with Apple orchards. Looking at the USDA Michigan Hardiness Zone Map it totally seems like this is a good place to have a few Mills. What gives? I notice that the majority of Downstate falls into zone 5 while the majority of the Upper Peninsula falls under zone 4 but one would think that zone 4 varieties would work well in certain microclimates in zone 5 and vice versa. There has to be a logical reason that there aren't any. Any ideas? I guessed I'm just mad that we don't have all of the options that our lower half does when it comes to picking up cider. I just did my first batch by the way. I'm trying to find some more cider up here that is good enough to do another batch with but I haven't found anything special yet. Anyone know where I might be able to find so good stuff?

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