Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maple Milk Stout

Jasper's Pure Maple Syrup My Brewin' Buddy

So in my last post I mentioned I was roasting some brown malt that I was planning on using in a milk stout that I was going to do using maple syrup and roasted pecans. I brewed up my stout this weekend but I did not use the pecans. I'm still going to do a beer with them I think but the main reason I was planning on doing this stout was to grow up enough yeast to make a Russian Imperial Stout and I didn't know if the fats in the pecans would have the same effect on yeast that excessive amounts of hops can have. If you brew a beer with a lot of hops and try to reuse the yeast the results can be less than ideal because the oils can coat the yeast cell walls inhibiting optimal performance. So I brewed my stout without the nuts but I still think it is going to taste great. The though of blending in a touch of Frangelico at bottling has crossed my mind. Not sure if I'll do it. I'll probably try a small sample and see how it tastes. Here is the recipe I used:

Maple Milk Stout (5.5 gal batch)
4.25 lb Maris Otter
2 lb American Pale
2 lb Brown Malt (see prev post on how)
1 lb Black Patent
1 lb Honey Malt

2 lb Maple Syrup (Jasper's Maple Syrup from da U.P.)
1 lb Lactose

E.K. Goldings (31 IBUs) 60 min

Mashed at 155-156F for 60 min
Mashed out at 168F

O.G. 1.069
WlP 001 Cal Ale yeast
fermenting at 67-68F
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