Friday, October 17, 2008

Belgian Golden Ale...Adulterated

I'm trying my first sample of the Golden Ale that I brewed on Sunday and I am very excited for this one to be done. I really like the way my recipe and mash process looks like on paper and this sample, even though it is still not 100% attenuated, tastes amazing. I am so glad that I talked myself into the late hop addition. I added 1oz. of Ahtanum hops right at knock out and they came through very nicely. All I wanted was some nice sort of citrus (but not a ton of grapefruit)to go along with my coriander and grains of paradise that I added at 2min left in the boil. I'll post my recipe below.

Sexy Time Blonde Ale
Grain Bill:
11.75 lbs Belgian Pilsner (Castle)
.31 lbs Melanoidin
1.00 lbs Sugar -- (half lb of turbinado and a half lb or cane)
.30 lbs Vanilla Sugar (I keep about a pint sized jar full of cane sugar and a few used vanilla bean pods to make vanilla flavored sugar)

1 oz Sterling @ 60 min (21.7 IBUs)
.5 oz E. Kent Golding @ 60 min (9.8 IBUs)
1 oz Ahtanum @ 0 min (0 IBUs)

I also added .5 tsp of Grains of Paradise @ 2 min
and 1 tsp. Coriander @ 2 min.

Note:When I added my sugar I added the 1 lb of Turbinado/Cane sugar at 15 left and I added the .30 lbs of vanilla sugar with like 2 min left so I wouldn't boil off any of the subtle vanilla notes.