Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Francoise de Harenne at the Hop Leaf & Map Room

Francoise de Harenne from Orval will be at the Hop Leaf on Monday Oct 20th
from 7-9 and The Map Room Tuesday the 21st from 5-7. Francoise is the business administrator at the abbey. This would be a great experience for anyone who is into great Belgian beer such as Orval and the like.

Orval was formulated in 1931 with the help of a German brewer, but it’s a golden colored ale with a lively, rising head of white foam, 6.2 percent alcohol by volume and a unique aroma of ripe pears and spicy hops.

What’s unusual is the way it’s bottled. A bit of priming sugar and two yeasts are added to each bottle. One is a special ale yeast, the other is a strain of wild yeast.